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Jan 16, 2013 7:00pm PST
of mind when they drop their child off for first grade. >> reporter: late yesterday, the n.r.a. released this internet ad, calling the president an elitist hypocrite, since his kids have armed guards at their school. the n.r.a. says it's added 250,000 new members in the past month. the group promises a very expensive and hard-fought fight. in washington, emily schmidt, k.t.v.u., channel 2 news. >>> other executive orders issued by the president deal with mental health, including making sure doctors know they can ask patients about guns in their homes. clarifying medicaid's mental health service provisions, and telling healthcare providers they can report threats of violence. >>> gun control is a divisive issue. we asked people in martinez and pleasant hill what they thought of the president's plan. some were at the martinez gun club. others in downtown pleasant hill. some were gun owners, some were not. now remember, this an unscientific sampling of opinion. >> i think most of what he says is probably right. i think that the ban on the magazines greater than 10 is just fine. >> it almost
Jan 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
-- the nra accused the task force of attacking the second amendment. >> it's a mural with a message. they hope it can break a cycle of violence. >> here's a story of a movable work of art meant to move people. >> reporter: the 28-foot long mural is called the tree of life. it is a construction site important to the oakland community. it represents hope and forgiveness. >> the tree of life mural was unveiled to west oakland today. it's an expression of concern to an acknowledgement of lost young lives. >> i say there's nothing to be care -- scared of because we live here and it's -- west oakland's beautiful. >> even 1 of the credit airports was him -- credit creators was shot. >> it is in front of the site where the west oakland youth center will stand. >> our young people have witnessed so much violence and tragedy. >> congresswoman barbara lee told user in city -- inner city gun rivens will not stop without -- violence will not stop without some comprehensive violence effortings put in place. >> the youth center is -- efforts put in place. >> i'd like to see this place open and vio
Jan 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
of bearior. >> meanwhile -- behavior. >> meanwhiles nra proposes is a ban. >> we had a decade for on guns and it had no impact. >> he admitted was impractical. >> every gun purchased can only be fired by the person who purchased it. >> that technology exists but it's extremely expensive. >> so expensive no one really expects mr. biden will recommend it tuesday, to the put but he will make recommendations even though he thinks they won't completely solve the problem. >>> a sfen-year-old boy was shot -- 17-year-old boy was shot just after midnight on drake avenue in marinc. >> that teen had come from sisku county to be with family and celebrated his 17th birthday a few days ago. >> someone thought he had stolen a drug cash. it's the first homicide in marin krae in two years. >> a machine's body was -- city in two years. >>> a sonoma sheriff deputy don't know if the death was accidental or the man was a victim of foul play. his identity will be relieved pending notification of next of kind. >> three or four suspects in a homicide case are free tonight. >> prosecutors say a 72-hour deadline t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3